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Azure Games was originally founded in the summer of 2005 with just two guys. We thought it would be cool to make a racing game and so we started. The story and sprites were first decided, and the programming of the game began August 2005. The name "Azure Games" was really thought out at random, and there is absolutely no specific reason as to why we chose that name, althought it did sound nice to us. However, the first two letters of Azure Games are the beginning letters for our names (A for Aswin, Z for Zac). A few other names were considered, but the only name we agreed upon was "Azure Games".

Eventually, we decided that it was time for us to build a website for us to post our gaming updates. The origianl Azure Games site used only HTML, and was scripted in Microsoft Frontpage. You can see the old site here.

Soon enough, we finished our first project, Blubba Grand Prix, summer of 2006. It was not particularly favored by many, but fans joined our original discussion board provided by Invision Free Boards. The old forum was working perfectly, and the staff for the forums were set. But there were multiple causes as to why the old board eventually died. Firstly, the forum had a few spammers join, which drove away many. Second, after the making of Blubba Grand Prix, things slowed down. We stopped working with Game Maker for a while. People left, and so did we. After about a year, we go back to see that over 100 spambots and porn advertising members had joined without our knowledge. After much cleaning, we looked at the barren forum. It was obviously time for a change.

We started creating a variety of GM Examples, including the infamous Platformer Example, which used precise collision checks to make it pretty much flawless. Through time, we began to learn PHP Server Scripting for better plans, and our contacts grew. We were able to keep in touch with various other people kind enough to help with web development production.

In due time, the plans for Azure Games v2.0 were put into action Febuary 2007. The site would use a stylesheet scripted in CSS to define the HTML of the website, whilst the PHP worked for customization of the site. For example, the Computer Stats system to your left uses PHP and Javascript to define PC specs. The site was planned to be complete by the end of March, but was slightly delayed.

Azure Games v2.0 was made as a sign of our comeback. With the production of the site, we needed more games. Slowly, our site was not as frequently visited, so we needed another update.

Soon enough, Azure Games v3 was complete, now with a better layout and more content. And there you have it!


.: Aswin - 14 - Founder of Azure Games

Aswin is one of our original two members in Azure Games, starting the idea for a game making group in the summer of 2005. He is the primary spriter for Azure Games and makes a good portion of the games. He is well knowledged in GML and developed the Azure Games sites. Aswin also helps with the distribution and advertising of Azure Games.

.: Zac - 14 - Primary Programmer

Zac is the second of the Azure Games original duo, majoring particularly in scripting using GML, Game Maker Language. He is able to write various efficient and complex, and is the primary programmer of our Platformer Example's clean collision code. Zac's knowledge of various functions in Game Maker helps stabilize quality gameplay in our games.

.: Ryan - 14 - Primary Sound Manager

Ryan recently joined Azure Games, and is the groups musician. He uses FL Studio 6 to create his spectacular game background music. Ryan personally specializes in breakbeat, trance, drum, and bass music in FL Studio. He's made music for various other game creators as well. The quality music in our new games are all provided by him.