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This is the page where we provide links to all the websites who are affiliated with us or have some other connection relating to this site. Here is a list of all our affiliates below:

64Digits .::. 64Digits - 627 Clicks!
Game Maker .::. Game Maker - 628 Clicks!
Game Maker Community .::. Game Maker Community - 628 Clicks!
Alert Games .::. Alert Games - 628 Clicks!
Fire Phoenix Network .::. Fire Phoenix Network - 628 Clicks!
LAR Games .::. LAR Games - 628 Clicks!
DarkSoft .::. DarkSoft - 628 Clicks!
BlueBoyX .::. BlueBoyX - 628 Clicks!
CoffeeStained Games .::. CoffeeStained Games - 628 Clicks!
TZ Corporation .::. TZ Corporation - 628 Clicks!


Affiliation Rules

Like this site? Would you like to become an affiliate? You can! Simply email us with your website URL and an 88x31 pixel banner representing your site. Then, add our banner to your affiliates page:

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In HTML, the code would be:

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Just copy-and-paste the HTML code above and put it on your site somewhere. Also, if you would like to advertise our site on forums, you can put the same image in your signature! Copy-and-paste the following BBCode: