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Welcome to the Azure Games website! Azure Games is a small three-man game making group focused on creating high quality games and examples for users of the program, Game Maker. We hope you enjoy your visit here at Azure Games!

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Forums & Affiliates

Posted by Administrator on the 22nd Apr 2007 10:02pm
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The forums are ready for new members! Check out the forums page.

Also, we are now accepting affiliates. If you would like to affiliate with us, email us with your 88x31 banner and the link to your site. If you pass our requirements, we will put up your banner as long as you put up ours! For more information, check out the Links page.

Lastly, we would like you to look forward to upcoming additions. In time, the Azure Games website will offer file storage and file managers to registered members. There is not definite release date for this new feature, but keep looking out!

Welcome to Azure Games!

Posted by Administrator on the 8th Apr 2007 1:50am (edited)
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Welcome! You are now looking at Azure Games v2.0! The website now works off of PHP and SQL. Because of the new change. We also offer many new features to the site!

Azure Games will be not only providing games and Game Maker resources, but also web development tutorials and example pages. This is a new installment to the site, and we hope to help other game makers be able to create better sites.

Lastly, the new Azure Games has a better file download system, also coded out in PHP. We are accepting affiliates and comments on the new site, so please comment below.

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