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Welcome to the Azure Games website! Azure Games is a small three-man game making group focused on creating high quality games and examples for users of the program, Game Maker. We hope you enjoy your visit here at Azure Games!

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Up and Running

Posted by Administrator on the 8th Jan 2009 11:49pm
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Hello everyone!

Azure Games would like to let you know that things are back and busier than ever. The site and forum upgrades have been finalized and finished now. These upgrades will help maintain the security of the site.

In terms of projects, we are currently brewing up a new game called OverPowered. Information will be posted sometime this month with a demo for the game. Also, be on the lookout for a remake of one of the world's most popular game ever!

Thanks for your continuing support.

Azure Games 3

Posted by Administration on the 7th Apr 2008 4:53am
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Well, it is finally complete. The site is now finished, with a new layout and setup of all the pages. We are planning on adding a few examples to the example page, and we have got some new game ideas.

The forums are still under construction. Thanks for visiting!

Site Closed

Posted by Administrator on the 4th Aug 2007 10:38pm
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Due to a lack of visitors lately, we have shut down the site for an update. We plan to add more examples to our database and set up a new v3 theme for the website. Enjoy!

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